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Integrated Cosmetics© is an inclusive cosmetic and skincare company that manufactures comprehensive, non-toxic personal care products and cosmetics.

We launched after nearly, 16 years of research and development with specific conviction and intent; “manufacture superior products that exceeds your expectations.”

Our formulas are scientifically proven, environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced. We proudly produce superior products without compromise; using the very best, natural, raw and certified organic ingredients imported from around the world.


We are absolutely dedicated to providing a large selection of high quality products delivered with exceptional customer service. Our team is ever-evolving and devoted to our customer's satisfaction.


Our commitment to building long-term customer relationships is based on our clients total satisfaction. We are always available to provide you with guidance, outstanding products and accurate information. It is important to us that our customers know our goal is to make a lasting impact in their lives every day.

We understand that your needs are unique to you, so it’s our top priority to remain steadfast in our efforts to provide you with the very best options when it comes to your cosmetics and person care products.

Our Mission: "Manufacture superior cosmetics and personal care products that exceeds your expectations."

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Weight Loss Aid*
Conditioning Spray
EPA & DHA Joint Support
Sugar Hill©
Exfoliating Scrub
Essential Oil Infused Lip Therapy
Stretch Mark Remedy
Formula No©
Essential Lip Therapy
Blemish Suspension
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