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IntegratedCosmetics|The Begining

Integrated Cosmetics© is an inclusive cosmetic and skincare company founded by Barbi Oduyemi, a naturalistic enthusiast. She wanted to create an all-inclusive product line that would promote women’s health, holistically.

After noticing a colossal gap in natural cosmetics and skin care alternatives, she embarked on a massive quest for natural alternatives to the chemical laced products that can potentially interface with the body’s natural course of healing and repair.  After trying innumerable natural products, there was always something lacking. Either it was deficient in essential components, smelled terrible, included ineffective ingredients or the price per ounce was astounding. She quickly realized the disappointing reality was that many “companies” would rather invest their dollars in marketing merchandise for quick profit, rather than manufacturing a superior product that delivered lasting results.


Mrs. Oduyemi launched Integrated Cosmetics© after 16 years of development, with personal intent and conviction in mind, “manufacture quality cosmetics and personal care products that exceeds your expectations.”  She leveraged her many years of experience as a product research and developer and integrated the potency of naturopathic and medicinal remedies into each skincare formula. With the incorporation of superior natural resources and the precision of proven scientific factors she created a diverse, effective and affordable product collection.

Our Mission: "Manufacture superior cosmetics and personal care products that exceeds your expectations."

Facial Care Moisturizer

Gentle Hydration Replenishing Emulsion 

w/ Vitamins A, C & E


Absolute Duo©

Dewy-soft Hydrolock

Emulsion w/ Velvety

Coconut Oil &

Shea Butter

Restorative Biotin rich

therapeutic hair treatment

w/  Strengthening Proteins &

Hydrolyzed Collagen

for weak, damaged &

over processed hair.

Hair Mask 
Conditioning Hair

Leave-in Conditioner w/ Shea Butter 

& Lipid-rich Restorative Botanicals  

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