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Plateau Interceptor*

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Plateau Interceptor*


Product Information

Plateau Interceptor*

Weight Loss & Energy Supplement Intensity  Indicator


Product Profile:

Nothing can be more discouraging then a weight loss plateau. As you drop pounds, not only does it become harder to lose, but your metabolism decreases. Benèssentials©  Nullifi©  is specifically designed to naturally boost your metabolism. Packed with clinically proven components, Nullifi’s synergistic ingredients increases the body's metabolism, actively intercepts carbohydrates and leverages a thermogenic system that burns fat, to get the scale moving again.*  


Proprietary Complex:

Additional Product Information:


Serving Size & Suggested Use:

Use only as directed! Take one capsule twice daily with a full 8 ounces of water preferably with breakfast and lunch. Take entire dosage before 12 noon daily. Repeat process for 7 (seven) days and return to daily regimen. Do not combine supplement uses. Discontinue all weight management supplements while taking Nullifi. Do not exceed dosage.

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